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Midterm Essay Outlines - Alyssa Rubnitz October 18, 2010...

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Alyssa Rubnitz October 18, 2010 Midterm Essay Outlines 1. Western ideas of Africa were created during the trans-Atlantic slave trade A. Previous to the transatlantic slave trade, not unique 1. Benign portrayals of Africans 2. Not backward 3. Why? Similar lifestyles: most were uneducated, short life expectancy, poor health, no reason to stigmatize Africans B. During the slave trade, shift that Africa was antithesis of everything European 1. Eurocentricism: Europe is the center of everything (chapter on eurocentricism), and Industrial revolution made them feel superior 2. European racism was a way to justify slave trade 3. CHAPTER ON SAVAGES: images of no clothing and lacking civilization, compared to animals, Charles Darwin 4. DELEHANTY ESSAY: idea that Africans were unchristian savages in need of help. White man’s burden. Public thought it was a humanitarian act C. Africans sense of self affected 1. Felt like inferiors—European way of life is best. 2. In New World, lost individual history. We stripped of knowledge of where they came from. They don’t know, so history is commonality. All from Africa 3. Pan Africanism: idea that Africans have much in common and stresses unity. Continental identity 3. Family in polygyny, bridwealth, gender specifications 1. Polygyny: when a man has more than one wife a. Indicates that family is central to economic life b. Men who are well off can take more than one wife c. In TFA: Okonkwo has three wives. He should treat them fairly, but treats them harshly. He is respected for his wealth, which is reflected in his many wives and children. 2. Bridewealth: A custom that a man gives his prospective wife’s family money a. Three functions 1. Reinsures the bride and family that he can thrive and support his future family 2. Gives husband-to-be training for family live by saving money and working 3. Gives wife’s family compensation for losing daughter who is a form of labor b. In TFA: ch. 12 there is a ceremony as the bridewealth is presented. The ceremony leader says that it is a joining of two families. She predicts that they will have many children, and then they feast.
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3. Gender specifications in McCall chapter a. Sexual division of labor, meaning in certain regions, men and women grow different crops b. Gain status in different ways, usually the male gains his by having a large family and economic success c. In TFA: Okonkwo’s worldview is heavy on his view of masculinity. He thinks it represents strength. Father was lazy, poor, representative of
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Midterm Essay Outlines - Alyssa Rubnitz October 18, 2010...

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