Ethnography - Alyssa Rubnitz Anthropology 104, Disc 315...

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Alyssa Rubnitz Anthropology 104, Disc 315 March 10, 2009 PrimeTime: A Christian Community Christians, in the world and especially at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, are of a majority group. One would think that feeling a connection to others with similar faith would be difficult on such a huge campus. For Jessica Winters, however, this is no challenge. Each Thursday night, at 9:00 pm, Jessica walks over to 3650 Humanities to partake in PrimeTime, the Student Impact/Campus Crusade for Christ’s weekly gathering, an uplifting and spiritually moving event, which serves as not only a religious gathering, but a social community as well. Jessica usually walks to PrimeTime with her bible study group leader, Amy Foote, a senior here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon seeing a new face, Amy welcomes me to PrimeTime, saying how happy she is to have me coming. I have never attended a Christian gathering before, and was initially afraid, but Amy’s welcome helped me to feel included and comfortable. Waiting for PrimeTime to begin, Jessica explains that the gathering is laidback and low-key, which is why she enjoys going. She also tells me that a lot of people on campus have the wrong idea about Christianity. Many people wrongly associate Christianity with strict rules of the Church. Jessica says that PrimeTime helps her connect
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Ethnography - Alyssa Rubnitz Anthropology 104, Disc 315...

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