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Great Expectations 1 - Great Expectations(1 Despondency P 1...

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Great Expectations  (1) 19:31 Despondency P. 1: harsh reality of life especially as an orphan P. 15: playful, silly Marshland presented in different ways Elements of realism, comic fancy, exaggeration Dickens novel is NOT like reading a romantic poem No unity No singly line of though There are multiple strands of narration and uses of language 1860s! From Austen to Dicken Historical developments: 17902-1960s Industrialization to urbanization Demographic and technological changes Shift in the cultural focal point Country to city Upper class to “common life” Leisure class to working class Dickens: Haze on city Misery Industrial air pollution, fog is actually SMOG London was prosperous city New writing for new age People were feeling a disconnection from nature
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One no longer longs for retreat from nature We writing about this day, about the now! Desire to critique and document society as it is No more fantasy for past Dickens background Parents fell into debt and then go to jail
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