Great Expectations 2 - Great Expectations (2) Review...

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Great Expectations  (2) 19:28 Review Expectations Of the city Sacrifices along with living up to the expectations Novel ok Dickens interrogating progress: benefits AND sacrifices Complexity of characters Pip Maturing, but not in right direction Caught up in Miss Havisham’s world of decay Caught up in London It is difficult to pinpoint his identity Is he good or bad? Is he an orphan? Is he a thief? Is he a gentleman to be or a blacksmith? Identity is destabilized He goes through so many roles! Vs. Catherine Moreland All about judgment We are never questioning who she is Memory as orientation toward the past Expectation as orientation toward the future Events are put together in a particular logic Complex interaction in mind of Pip but representative of general mental process of self! Novels Vast repository of cultural information Historicism is important
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BUT also work of art! We need to extract all that information out of it Leitmotif: images of imprisonment P. 13 Inquiring about the convict Pip always begins by asking questions
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Great Expectations 2 - Great Expectations (2) Review...

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