Great Expectations 3

Great Expectations 3 - Great Expectations (3) 19:30 Review...

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Great Expectations  (3) 19:30 Review of important definitions Unreliable narrator : a narrator who has been “compromised” in some way—forcing to consider elements in the narrative beyond objectivity and factuality They can range from minor forms of unreliability : human idiosyncrasies, the tendency to rationalize, to narrate selectively, even forgetfulness…the average storyteller is an unreliable narrator To the extreme Where is Pip? He seems honest But there’s something else going on: MASKING, there are some things we cannot see in him Leitmotif: an element that is frequently repeated in a work and serves as a guiding or central element within the work In GE, we read repeated images of imprisonment as a leitmotif, but also as Pip’s window into his unconscious anxieties (but this is only a narrative effect—fictional characters don’t really have an unconscious mind) Buildunsroman: German term signifying “novel of formation” or “novel of education” the subject of this novel is development of the protagonist into maturity… Review of Pip’s anxieties of imprisonment Repetition of the “wicked Noah’s ark” (37, 210) “I could not say what I was afraid of…the revival for a few minutes of the terror of childhood” This image recurs in an undefined and vague way Pip fears a lack of freedom, being dehumanized, damned
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Great Expectations 3 - Great Expectations (3) 19:30 Review...

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