Great Expectations 5

Great Expectations 5 - Great Expectations(5 Sublime so...

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Great Expectations  (5) 19:29 Sublime: so great. How is the self formed? Look at buildingsroman Metaphor of forging: Joe forges metal but also Compeyson as a forger How does the past exist in the present? Metaphor of ghosts ROLES AND STORIES OF CHARACTERS ARE ALL INTERTWINED Molly Role as housekeeper Role as murderer Role as Estella’s mother Herbert Magwitch Pip’s benefactor Estella’s father Involved with Compeyson He plays a little role in all of these stories Wemmick Jaggers secretary Minor but important role Domestic in capital Work with Jaggers Unlike other characters, he divides and separates the multiple roles that characters have
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He separates his interiority Comic ending in the novel that nobody else has Others only aware of multiple roles late Dickens way of creating mixed characters Characters intertwined in multiple roles More entangling then just a little bit of good and a little bit of bad (Against Catherine Moreland’s belief of people) Interiority is something almost absent from Great Expectations…we know a little about anyone
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Great Expectations 5 - Great Expectations(5 Sublime so...

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