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Lorenzo Valla - 15:55 Lorenzo Valla Taught rhetoric Served...

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15:55 Lorenzo Valla Taught rhetoric Served the king of Naples: introduced to humanism Very familiar with classical philosophy On the Elegance of the Latin Language Deals with proper usage and script of classical texts Attacks jurists and Sassoferrato They didn’t understand precise meaning of Latin words Therefore couldn’t understand roman law Study of language is basis for all understanding Interested in philology as tool for historical analysis Language as key to culture 1. Vita activa 2. Precise latin=reality of ancient world 3. The Forged Donation of Constantine 1. Papacy regarded it as official title to claim of papal states 2. Applied humanist critical standards to “Donation of Constantine” 3. Papacy put it on list of forbidden books for forgery 4. On Pleasure 1. Debate with humanist scholars
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2. None could complete with him on knowledge of classical philosophy 3. Pursuit of please brought happiness 4. Men had virtue as means to pleasure 5. Goal of pleasure in beauty, health, art, good food, etc.
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  • Fall '09
  • Mazzaoui
  • CLASSICAL PHILOSOPHY, Otto Di Guardia 1, classical texts Attacks, Attacks classical philosophy, Fiscal pressures

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