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H333 The Renaissance M.F. Mazzaoui Midterm Examination 2009-10 Study Questions Directions: Answer BOTH parts A and B: A. Choose TWO essay questions (70%): 1. Identify the key stages in the development of communal institutions in the Italian city-states. Assess the internal and external factors that undermined legitimate communal governments, opening the door to temporary or permanent concentrations of power in the hands of individual rulers. 2. Trace the evolution of the Venetian government from its foundation through the fifteenth century. How would you account for the alleged remarkable stability and longevity of the Venetian Republic? 3. Discuss the means by which the Visconti consolidated their despotic regime in Milan. Evaluate the pivotal role played by Giangaleazzo Visconti and his successors in Italian political and military history in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. 4. Examine the rise and early development of humanist thought from Petrarch through Lorenzo Valla. How did the attitudes of the civic humanists toward antiquity, politics, wealth, language and the arts differ from those of their fourteenth century predecessors? 5. Describe the curriculum, educational goals and pedagogical practices espoused by the humanist schoolmasters. To what extent did the program of learning of the humanist schools mark a break with the medieval intellectual tradition? B. Define or identify FIVE (from 15) of the following terms. Give approximate dates and state the significance of each item for Italian Renaissance history (30%): SEE NEXT PAGE
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IDENTIFICATIONS Jacob Burckhardt Arengo Contado Guelf/Ghibelline Podestà Popolo Captain of the People Ezzelino da Romano Condottiere Ordinances of Justice Priorate Brunetto Latini Bartolus de Sassoferrato Dante Alighieri De Monarchia Charles of Calabria
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  • renaissance, 15th century, Petrarch, Brienne Doge Francesco Petrarch Cola di Rienzo Giovanni Boccaccio Lorenzo Valla Bernab√≤ Visconti John Hawkwood De Militia Pier Paolo Vergerio

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midterm_examination_2009 - H333 The Renaissance M.F...

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