Mordern Views of the Renaissance

Mordern Views of the Renaissance - Mordern Views of the...

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Mordern Views of the Renaissance 15:56 410, then dismal middle ages, then revival around 1300, then rebirth even higher Tri-partite theory of history- a cultural movement Limited view to just art Later historians see renaissance as first step towards ages of greater reason (towards modern euope) Jules Michelet Sees renaissance as the discovery of the world and of man Ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern Europe Jacob Burckhardt- first modern historian of renaissance italy “civilization of renaissance in italy” 1860 He is an intellectual, cultural historian He focuses on renaissance in ITALY
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He rejects notion of progress, he rather sees each period distinctly Periodization 1300-1500 in Italy Looks at Italian society as a cross-section Jumps back and forth in time for each topic (focuses on topic, not linear) Revival of antiquity Begins with Petrarch Was a coloring of renaissance, but not a driving force Paganism and secularism Dichotomy between elites and everyone else (medieval mode) This has been refuted Search for simpler kind of Christianity Aristocracy of merit Thought that great talents (writers, architects) were greater than life These people would rise into elite class Sees elite as open group to people of merit and talent In reality, it was not quite as open Individualism*******IMPORTANT Unabashed, with no moral restraints Characteristic of men with talent, elites
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Mordern Views of the Renaissance - Mordern Views of the...

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