Petrarch - Petrarch: Father of Humanism In Divine Comedy....

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Petrarch: Father of Humanism 15:59 In Divine Comedy… Ethics is given highest ranking Importance of individualism Naturalism and Christian universalism: heaven and earth brought closer together Political philosophy: de monarchia State has a positive function to fulfill vs. St. Augustine (state as a necessary evil) Improvement of individual and collective destiny Best form of state discovered by reason Two Ends Pope on revelation could lead people to salvation Achieve happiness on ruler from secular ruler, based on reason First secular government idea Parallels Giotto: paints Dante, model for other portrayals of Dante Profiles become important Petrarch: commissioned or solicited portraits, he posed for them Portraits become connected to fame Sense of body mass and structure: reality! Petrarch (1304-74
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Lived in plague century Lost love Hit by plague Very pessimistic time Son of Florentine notary Middle class Father exiled as purge of black guelfs Whole family then moved to new papal residence New cosmopolitan setting rich in art and literature Father forced him to study law Took minor orders in Church for income
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Petrarch - Petrarch: Father of Humanism In Divine Comedy....

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