Renaissance Education

Renaissance Education - Renaissance Education LAST day of...

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Renaissance Education 15:58 LAST day of material before exam! Who what where why when and it’s significance! Substance and form! Show that I know how to organize material in a coherent fashion Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation Classical educational system Rise of universities Renaissance humanist school 19 th century social sciences and sciences making an impact Cass education New texts—manuscripts and print Printing press allows for standardized editions Definitive work printed, cited, etc. The book itself becomes portable! Leads to humanist italic script, very similar to our script today Effects other script across Europe Development of public and private libraries Recreation of ancient library of Alexander Start as private collections, but later become public libraries Estudia humanitatis (Petrarch)
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Includes classical scripts Difference between 12 c and 14 c renaissance is GREEK! (in 14) As a means to self-improvements and means to active life of citizen (civic humanism) New pedagogical models Quintilian Lorenzo Valla Discovered by a civic humanist Plutarch Treatise on education Translated form Greek into Latin Inspires contemporary treatises on earl childhood education Children are not adults and need to be trained in entirely different way Children as focus of treatise Francesco Barbaro: wrote on marriage and stressed importance of mothers to inculcate manners,
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Renaissance Education - Renaissance Education LAST day of...

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