The Invasions of Italy

The Invasions of Italy - The Invasions of Italy and...

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The Invasions of Italy and Restored Florence 16:57 The first French invasion under Charles VIII Taget: Naples French invited by Ludoviceo Sfozra. Why? Lorenzo the magnificent died and he was succeeded by his son Piero Tightening of the government results in dissatisfaction of the Medici Weak ruler like Piero does not help Charles VIII had romantic ideas: wanted to conquer Naples and lead crusade against the Church. Ludovico encourages this because he has nowhere else to turn Scheme Conquest of Naples Captured major seaports, leading fortresses, and the showed up outside walls of Florence In return for King’s support, Piero gave away rest of the fortresses Victim: Florence Instant rebellion among cities: they begin to declare independence from Florence The whole state started to come apart and leading individuals are alarmed and do not trust Piero Send all male Medici into exile Even though French was willing to support Piero, Florentine was not Prior of San Marco: Savonarola Brought in to reform the convent of San Marco Preached in the cathedral of moral reform
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Did not like humanist embrace of poetry Attacks corruption of Papacy Apocalyptic vision: sometimes analyzed as Charles VIII by citizens Florentine people liked him Convinced Charles not to sack city and reinstate the Medici Florence therefore is rid of Medici regime Now, need a new king of government Great deal of debate
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The Invasions of Italy - The Invasions of Italy and...

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