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Breast feeding Study Questions

Breast feeding Study Questions - Breast feeding Study...

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Breast feeding Study Questions Incidence- increasing Are low-income people more or less likely to breast feed? What is the best predictor of breastfeeding behavior? Ability to breast feed Is breastfeeding a learned technique? What is the role of coaching? Producing human milk What stimulates milk production? How does production reflect infant demand? Let-down reflex What is the let-down reflex? What can inhibit this reflex? What is needed to overcome problems? How many diapers does an adequately fed infant produce per day? Supplemental feedings How can supplemental feedings be useful? What are the potential problems of supplemental feeding? What can it do to milk supply? How can one guard against these problems? Growth How does the growth of breast-fed infants compare with that of formula- fed? When do things even out? Composition of human milk Colostrum What is colostrum? When is it produced? What does it contain?
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