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I. Lipids: substances soluble in organic solvants, but not in water II. Basic structure of Fatty Acids A. Long chains of carbon atoms B. One or two hydrogen atoms attached to it, except for end carbons C. Contains methyl and carboxyl group D. Valence D.1. Number of chemical bonds that form D.2. Carbon has four D.3. Produces more sustainable equilibrium III. Fatty Acids A. Saturated fatty acids (fats) A.1. All carbon bonds are single A.2. Saturated with hydrogen molecules, therefore it contains hydrogen it can in its structure A.3. From animal fats and tropical oils (coconut, palm) A.4. Linear, straight molecule A.5. Solid at room temperature A.6. Worst contributer to heart disease B. Unsaturated fats B.1. Monounsaturated fats B.1.a. One carbon double bond B.1.b. Contains a single point of saturation, or a single double bond B.1.c. From olive, canola, sesame oil B.1.d. Less linear than saturated fats with the double bond B.1.e. Liquid at room temperature, but cloud or get stiff if put in refrigerator B.1.f. Not associated with risk of heart disease B.2. Polyunsaturated fats B.2.a. 2-6 carbon double bond- depends where found B.2.b. Contains more than one point of saturation, more than one double bond B.2.c. Found in sunflower oil, safflower oil, and corn oil B.2.d. Stay fluid at very low temperature B.2.e. Omega 6 Fatty Acids B.2.e.1) First double bond found at the sixth carbon from the omega end B.2.e.2) Rich in linoleic acid: essential fatty acid B.2.e.3) Low desireable and undesireable types of chlesterol in blood B.2.f. Omega 3 fatty acids B.2.f.1) First double bond at the third carbon from the omega end B.2.f.2) Found in fish oils B.2.f.3) Highly unsaturated B.2.f.3.a) EPA: 20 carbons with 5 double bond
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B.2.f.3.b) 22 carbons with 6 double bonds B.2.f.4) occur in alpha-linolenic acid: essential FA found in flax, canola, and soy oils B.2.g. FA composition of common fats B.2.g.1) Many natural fat sources contain mixture of fatty acids B.2.g.2) One may dominate B.2.g.3) Olive oil: monounsaturated
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Lipids - I. II. III. Lipids: substances soluble in organic...

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