L24HypothesisTesting_2 - MGT 2250 — Lesson 24 Steps in...

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Unformatted text preview: MGT 2250 — Lesson 24 Steps in Hypothesis Testing Two Tailed Tests -— Mean — Sigma Known - Large Sample July 21, 2011 Example: A manufacturing firm needs to acquire parts for a certain machine. The parts must he 2” long, no longer and no shorter. A sample of 35 parts from a shipment are selected and measured. If the results indicate that the shipment does not meet specifications by being longer g shorter, it will be shipped back. The mean length of these partfin‘t’he sample was 2.06”. From past experience, the standard deviation of the population of these parts is known to be 0.2”. 1.) Develop and state the Null Hypothesis and the Alternative Hypothesis. Hm A /L :1 :2 Hus/1 #9 Specify (set) the level of Significance (alpha - (71K 4%.} “{Tolleet” the sample and determine the statistics needed. a.) Mean{ SK} "3 (gt 01 by) n 6\ 9 e} Standard deviation (Population if knowahle) .‘ ,, I137 ,‘ 4.. 424llypothesisTcstin (T If using the Rejection Point Rule: 5.) Determine the rejection rule based on the rejection point — zrp (This will be determined by alpha) w \ J35 ztfik ’ank grw/eru, /DO ‘zéx/L \ 20L~2 ' 213 > 7537 "kl/'77 CG: pare the test 8%;le with the rejectien paint using the (If; 7.) 1 (L0 reje tien ruie, QC L727 mm m Based 0n the rejection miei decide Whether yea ear}, reject H0 er net, cfiwfi’/U% He 1,24}iypot‘hegis'iesting#2 — 2 — If using the p-value: 5.) Definition of the p—vaiue (Write this down!!}: flex/um Lfi/még a? $6 6.} Calculata the ZES 273 '1‘: L77 7.) Determine the p—Vaiue fmm the Cumulative Normal fable using Fink L’h/M k} g.) {fampam {ha pwafi apfim. Efthe pmval 9 ES EQSS than alpha, yum €231} rejeeé H0. "““'“"’“ r ____’ L24HypotthiSTcsfingfiZ ~ 9 ~ ...
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L24HypothesisTesting_2 - MGT 2250 — Lesson 24 Steps in...

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