L26HypothesisTesting_3 - MGT 2250 -— Lesson 26 Steps in...

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Unformatted text preview: MGT 2250 -— Lesson 26 Steps in Hypothesis Testing All Types of Tests —- Proportion —- Large Sample April 8, 2011 ./‘ Q a. Example: TV station WMGT determined that 25% the viewers that watched the 11 PM news watched their station. They attempted to increase that percentage by adOpting a new format and getting a new anchor person. Two months after the changes they surveyed a random sample of 400 11 PM news viewers and 116 said they now watched WMGT’s news. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine if the proportion of viewers watching WMGT news had increased significantly. mm 1.) Develop and state the Null Hypothesis and the Alternative Hypothesis. L Va 4: . Zg’ , ' HG e 2? U Cg Hag 71,49 2,83?" 2.) Speci-y (set) the level of Significance (alpha 37' l V Based on the hypotheses, determine the type of hypothesis test: One-tail Upper (LT-U), Gite-tail Lower (l-T—L) or Two Tail (2—T) its ' [NZ—5K. [W U I? w 4.) “Collect” the sample and determine the statistics needed. a.) Sample proportion (Jib ) I 3 Q/VDC} f . :29 b.) n LfOQ L26HypothesisTesting#3 If using the Rejection Point Rule: I 5.) Determine the rejection rule based (This will be determined by alpha) V \% 2% 7 212? 2’ @MW on the rejection point — zrp 6.) Calculate the test statistic - zts (Z— a 6" z\ jig-:0 2 (QT—L635) (5 . F W “5‘5" rejection rule. Egg Lil 7/-wfl v5.2 8.) Based on the rejection'rule, decide w ether you can reject H0 or not. ' W #5 L26Hyp0thesisTesting#3 If using the p-Value: 5.) Definition of the p-Value (Write this down!!): {AICTUM‘ Ligij’flg Qt: SpCix/(fllififl/Rf KQLWM PM? er”: 77%;; Eflflam 6.) Calculate the zts E73 2 (1371 7.) Determine the p—Value frem the Cumulative Nermal Table using he zts, Fe 8.) Compare the p—Value to alpha. If the p—Value is less than alpha, youcanrejectHo, ‘ <1. 1 {3,3 flee/W W L26HypothesisTesting#3 — 3 - ...
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L26HypothesisTesting_3 - MGT 2250 -— Lesson 26 Steps in...

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