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Quiz+_21 - MGT 2250 — Quiz#21 Answers 1 A national study...

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Unformatted text preview: MGT 2250 — Quiz #21 Answers: 1) A national study indicated that the average family in the US. spends $20 per day on “eating out”. A sample was collected in Atlanta to determine if the amount spent on eating out in Atlanta was different from the national average. The sample provided the following data: 11 = 45, sample mean = $21, population standard deviation = $6 a) Develop and state the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses for this study. FL 0 f /L" 2 9-D b) At alpha=0.05, what is the rejection point - er and what are the rejection rules? 24. \Q/é 2T5? ’ZQF \M H4) 2mg “\ZC’L/"Z— U"— 264 "Zn? >7;an 105 Eapzi‘fifi' Mf.gw<o< *9 WHO c) Compute the value of the test statistic and the 0\.p-value ET“ Q65 611% é/WSTW may %TS ’2 8477: d) What is your conclusion? @ I. #191516 3 M 2250Quiz21P ...
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