CH 14 QUIZ - GB 303 Fall 2011 Name: _ Section No. _ Quiz 10...

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GB 303 Fall 2011 Name: __________________________________ Section No. ___________ Quiz 10 (Chapter 14 Covered) MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. In a multiple regression model, the mean of the error term ε is assumed to be: A) = 0 B) = 1 C) > 0 D) < 0 Answer: 2. A dummy variable is used as an independent variable in a regression model when A) the variable involved is numerical. B) the variable involved is categorical. C) 2 independent variables interact. D) a curvilinear relationship is suspected. Answer: 3. The coefficient of multiple determination (R 2 ) A) measures the unit change in the dependent variable for a unit change in the independent variables B) can be compared to a F distribution to test the significance of the regression model C) measures the proportion of variation in the dependent variable explained by the regression model. D) varies between -1 and 1. Answer: 4. A multiple regression is called “multiple” because it has A) more than one dependent variable. B)
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CH 14 QUIZ - GB 303 Fall 2011 Name: _ Section No. _ Quiz 10...

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