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American Studies 5 - 0To be a Model Citizen while on...

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Imperialism as Regeneration -To redefine American identity in these military encounters at the borders -Conquest here is dual an internal conquest of self, a regeneration, as well as outward charge to purge and uplift the conquered spaces and peoples themselves Anti-imperialism as New colonialism -Car Schurz’s Anti-imperialist argument: how can savages be American citizens? -How can we get advantages of a colony without incurring costs of keeping colony? -Maintain Borders and self definition while wielding Economic and Cultural influence -Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt Corollary Conquest of Self -”City upon a hill” New Israel vs. New Mexico -Self-discipline to overcome weakness -Boy Scouts (1910) In US - originated with Lord Baden. Powell in 1908 in British Boer War -Boyhood development -Ontology recapitulates Phylogeny -Adolescents in Chivalric or Medieval Age
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Unformatted text preview: 0To be a Model Citizen while on Civilizing Mission Will Cather (1873-1947)-Born Virginia, moved to Nebraska, lived in NYC-Aka “Willie”; University of Nebraska (1895)-Burned all personal letters-O Pioneer! (1913)l My Antonia (1918), Death comes for the Archbishop (1927)-Female figures and immigrants-Queer figures and self-testing American Identity-Godfrey St. Peter-Tom Outland-born in Kansas-parents died-traveled most of his life-Augusta/Apelhoff-Louie Marsellus America as Opposing Spaces-What was Prof St. Peter’s space?-What was Tom Outland’s space?-Space is not just “diverse” but opposed ideals America as Gendered Spaces-Think of Roosevelt’s Manliness and Civilization-Godfrey: Who was in Godfrey’s world?-Ladies in his Study Versus-Outland: Who was in Outland’s world?...
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American Studies 5 - 0To be a Model Citizen while on...

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