RELIGION 122 Winter 2012 Syllabus

RELIGION 122 Winter 2012 Syllabus - RELIGION 122- THE BOOK...

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RELIGION 122- THE BOOK OF MORMON Winter 2012 Tuesday/Thursday Brad W. Farnsworth Office: 303J JSB Phone: 422-3355 Office hours: Mon, Wed 9:00-10:00 Tue, Thurs 3:00-4:00 E-mail: Text: The Book of Mormon -Book of Mormon Student Manual (2009) Objectives: 1. To gain an increased testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. 2. To increase understanding and gather evidence of the divine mission of Jesus Christ as provided through the Book of Mormon. 3. To gain knowledge and increased testimony of the doctrines, prophecies, and principles taught in the Book of Mormon. 4. To receive a personal testimony of the power that comes through daily study of the Book of Mormon. Grading: Two midterm exams (Testing Center) 200 (100 each) Final exam (Testing Center) 100 Ten quizzes (in class) 100 (10 each) Paper on the Savior’s Atonement 50 Log of daily study 50 500 Generally, the grading scale by percentage will be as follows: 93 - 100 = A 77 - 79.9 = C+ 90 - 92.9 = A- 73 - 76.9 = C 87 - 89.9 = B+ 70 - 72.9 = C- 83 - 86.9 = B 67 - 69.9 = D+ 80 - 82.9 = B- 63 - 66.9 = D 60 - 62.9 = D- ** This syllabus is a binding document as to the students’ responsibilities and how grades are determined. Be sure you have read each section carefully. Points are deducted for taking exams past the scheduled dates or turning in the essay paper late. Exams: The exams will consist of multiple-choice questions and short-answer questions. The best way to prepare for exams is to read the Book of Mormon carefully, attend and participate in class, and study other assigned readings. The midterm exams will cover the material for that exam period only. The final exam will be comprehensive with some emphasis on chapters after 3 Nephi. The midterm exams and the final exam will be taken in the Testing Center. The final exam may be taken any day during finals week. Quizzes: Ten quizzes will be given in class unannounced. Quizzes may not be made up outside of class. Quizzes consist of questions that relate to the reading material already covered in class for the exam period. Paper on the Savior’s Atonement:
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RELIGION 122 Winter 2012 Syllabus - RELIGION 122- THE BOOK...

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