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EE319K Spring 2010 Exam 2A Page 1 Jonathan W. Valvano March 2010 Procedure First, you will log onto the computer and download files from the web as instructed by the TAs. Please put the three starter files called Exam2A.rtf Exam2A.uc into the temp folder on drive D. You are not allowed to archive this exam. Within TExaS open these files, put your name on the first comment line. Before writing any code, please assemble and run the system. You should get output like this figure on the right (with no score). Each time you assemble, TExaS will create a backup version of your program. If you wish to roll back to a previous version, simply open one of the backup versions. If you do roll back, I suggest you perform a SaveAs , so a new sequence of backup files will be started. You will write one subroutine and one FSM controller. My main program will call your subroutine, it will give you a grade on this subroutine, then my program will jump to your FSM controller. During each loop of your FSM controller, you will call my grader subroutine and points will be awarded. When my grader subroutine is done testing your FSM controller it will output a performance score of 0 to 100. You should not modify my main program or my example data. When you have written your subroutine and FSM controller, you should run my main program, which will output the results to the TheCRT.rtf window. You are NOT allowed to create global variables. After you are finished, raise you hand and wait for a TA. The TA will direct you how and when to print your source code. You will run your program in front of the TA, who will record your performance score on your exam paper. Please sort all materials
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EE319KExam2aSp10 - EE319K Spring 2010 Exam 2A Page 1...

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