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info systems final exam - Information systems that focus on...

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Information systems that focus on operational and managerial applications in support of basic business functions, such as accounting or marketing, are known as _______________. Answer strategic information systems functional business systems knowledge management systems executive information systems An information system that handles sales and inventory processing, and processes daily business updates would be classified as a(n) _______________. Answer a management information system a decision support system an executive information system a transaction processing system Business applications of information systems are typically combinations of several types of information systems. This integration is referred to as _______________ systems. Answer end user computing decision support information reporting cross-functional informational An information system depends on all of the following resources except : Answer Networks Software Hardware Time People The text classifies information systems as either operations or management support information systems. Which one of the following would not be classified as a management support system? Answer Transaction Processing Systems Management Information Systems Decision Support Systems Executive Information Systems According to the text, regarding new entrants into the marketplace, all the following are true except : Answer The Internet allows a firm to enter the marketplace at a relatively low cost.
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The Internet allows a firm to enter the marketplace quickly. Guarding against the threat of new entrants requires few organizational resources. Which of the following is not one of the five competitive forces in Michael Porter's classic model of competition? Answer The bargaining power of suppliers. The threat of new entrants into an industry and its markets. Government intervention into labor issues. The rivalry of competitors within an industry. Which of the following is not a role of a strategic information system? Answer Promote brand recognition of the firm's primary product. Gain a competitive advantage. Meet strategic enterprise objectives. Reduce a competitive disadvantage. Becoming a low-cost producer of products and services in an industry is an example of a(n): Answer Cost leadership strategy Differentiation strategy Innovation strategy Growth strategy All of the following can be used to counter competitive forces in the marketplace except : Answer Innovation Alliance Bargaining Growth Which of the following best describes optical scanning devices? Answer Hand-held wands used to read data on merchandise tags Converts reflected light patterns into electronic impulses, which are accepted as input into the computer system Photoelectric devices that scan data All of the choices are correct. Smart card technology:
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info systems final exam - Information systems that focus on...

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