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ISAM3033 Case Study chapter 1

ISAM3033 Case Study chapter 1 - problem could have been...

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ISAM 3033 Real World Case 2 (CH1) JetBlue and the Veterans Administration 1. This approach to IT planning would result in the company being at risk for ineffectiveness and inefficiency. The new database developed by JetBlue’s IT department should have been up and running prior to the company’s meltdown. The only way a system can work is if it is in place and operational when needed. It is beneficiary for a company to actively seek new IT systems that will increase efficiency and reduce the company’s risk of meltdown. 2. The first obvious alternative would be to keep to the backup procedures, and try to reboot using Denver’s system, which was working properly. But as Eric Raffin said, “The
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Unformatted text preview: problem could have been software-related”, and they might have gone from 17 to 28 VAs systems shut down. A second alternative might have been to try and get a hard copy of the data system flown into Sacramento, then try the reboot the system from that. The second is just a thought, and maybe impractical. 3. When an organization’s IS are interconnected, it can be useful by bringing up more information with one search, rather than doing multiple searches on many different systems. When a patient comes into different VA other than the one he or she normally goes to, because their systems are interconnected, the staff can still bring up the patients records from their original VA....
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