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ISAM3033 Case Study chapter 2

ISAM3033 Case Study chapter 2 - Traditional workers now can...

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ISAM 3033 Real World Case CH2 IT Leaders: Reinventing IT as a Strategic Business Partner 1. As IT becomes more important to companies business can be done more efficiently. Many high ranking jobs will require skills associated with IT because it will go hand in hand with the company’s operations. A challenge would be to have the right people with the right talents in the appropriate place. At E! Entertainment, what were once three jobs: online, televisions, and IT, now are done by a single vice president. Instead of supporting the company, IT plays a larger role in terms of everyday operation. 2. As in the case of Choice Point, Lemecha divides his IT workers into two fields. The two fields, technical and managerial, provide two separate career paths in the company.
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Unformatted text preview: Traditional workers now can move up and contribute more to the organization, even if management is not their strong suit. With IT playing a larger role in companies, different specialized IT jobs will require different training from educational institutions. Many jobs for many different people of different talents will be offered. 3. IT is a crucial part in any company. When Wal-Mart decided to carry a new product in its inventory, they relied on its inventory information system to know how the product is doing. The system lets them know sales are up, and that more should be purchased from the manufacturer. When time is key, Wal-Mart can replenish their shelves quickly in order to keep up with demand for the product....
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