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ISAM 3033 Real World Case CH5 Applebee’s, Travelocity, and Others: Data Mining for Business Decisions 1. There are many benefits to data warehouses. They can be used on many different levels of business from displaying customer satisfaction in different areas of the business, to evaluating an employee’s timeliness. Managers might use these outputs to know what aspects of the company needs more attention, and will eventually make the company more effective. Since these data warehouses take time and money to create, they must be relevant to the business. If not, creating the system would be a disadvantage to the business. If a company is very small, or only deals with a handful of customers, it might be better for them to use their recourses for other things besides data warehouses.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. I might ask Applebee’s about a data system that tracked entrees per hour to determine the busy times during the day that need more attention. Another might be to suggest a data processing system that measures the performance of the servers and cooks split times. 3. A company’s view could be narrowed by relying solely on data analysis. If they changed business strategies exclusively on what has happened in the past they might miss out on future opportunities to reach out to new customers. The overall market might change and the way customers used to shop could dramatically change. If it is a permanent change the business would eventually adjust using their new data, but if it is only temporary, an company could lose out on potential revenues....
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