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ISAM 3033 Real World Case 2 Ch7 OHSU, Sony, Novartis, and Others 1. The benefits of technologies in the Human Recourses department of companies are decrease in cost of hiring people. The man hours saved by automated payroll keeps the companies employee salaries down. Besides automated transactions, technologies help keep the organization organized and prepared to handle the company’s upcoming needs. 2. The strategic value of information technologies will vary depending on the company’s overall mission. A consulting firm may not use IT as much as a manufacturing company
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Unformatted text preview: that is constantly hiring people for various jobs all over the country. In their case, human resources would get more benefit from this type of technology. 3. To implement this type of system can be a challenge. Gathering all the information can take up a company’s resources so it must have more benefit than cost. Each system is unique the organization’s needs. The system would need constant updating to keep up will the changing business environment....
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