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ISAM 3033 Real World Case CHAPTER 10 PayPal 1. This is a good example of why someone who has knowledge of IT and knowledge in their particular field has such a big advantage over the person who’s expertise are exclusively in their single field. It is essential that the site is flexible, but they must find the line where flexibility and IT control meet. I might recommend a small team of IT staff that deals exclusively with controlling the multi-language system. The system can then be responsive and flexible, but when a problem may arise that the team have not already dealt with in advance, they will have the expertise to fix it quickly. This will greatly decrease the chance of the site falling apart. 2. A company might find it better to create their own solution when no other program has been developed to meet there needs.
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Unformatted text preview: A custom-designed system was necessary in this case because the company wanted to give there site a homier feel to the user, wherever it is the user calls home. Most companies might go with an existing system that simply translated text. However, PayPal, being a site where money is being transferred, wanted something more personalized. 3. PayPal might believe the system has great potential and does not want to give any advantages to its competition. I think this could become a huge strategic advantage in the short run of the company, but over time, this type of system may become the norm for the industry. The idea is great, so eventually it will be imitated by competition. As long as PayPal can fix any bugs in its own system, it will have the advantage till other companies come around....
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