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Oral Presentation F10

Oral Presentation F10 - face of psychology Notes regarding...

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ORAL PRESENTATION This class assignment is OPTIONAL, not required. If you would like to do this, see instructions below. You can earn up to 2 points. Choose any subject matter from the textbook for your oral presentation. Tell us about the topic as if we know nothing about it! Explain how it came about, what was conducted, what it tried to prove, and give your analysis of the results and how it was presented. How did this subject influenced the
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Unformatted text preview: face of psychology. Notes regarding Oral Report : Present your report in minimum of 5 minutes. Please inform the Professor what topic you plan to present first! You are encouraged to demonstrate the topic in class with Powerpoints (which is what most of the students choose to do), exercises or games, handouts, use of blackboard, posterboards with information, surveys, skits or role plays....
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