advising 3- Careers and Jobs

advising 3- Careers and Jobs - Advising 3 Careers/Jobs...

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Unformatted text preview: Advising 3 Careers/Jobs November 2011 SOME RECENT PUNCH LINES Job market and career world likely has changed for the foreseeable future (not just this year or next) o Will likely change career path and lives of many/most graduates Majors may matter less than performance, skills, personality Specific Skills: written, verbal communication, stat, comp, excel, sas Econ with stat, comp sci, other Or Other (math, stat, english lit) with Econ Activities, grades, experience, performance Contacts, connections, networking Possibly stronger areas: (Smart Money 10/7/2010) o Engineering (mechanical, software) o Life Sciences Health o Statistics- Data Mining/Machine Learning/AI/Natural Language Processing Analytics/Statistics specifically Web Analytics, A/B Testing and statistical analysis o Environmental o Finance/Accounting - regulation Caution o Law o Education o Higher education o Finance? Be realistic, flexible, resilient, aggressive Plan while in school Some Headlines As Riches Fade, So Does Finance's Allure For Todays Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics NY Times 8/5/2009 Has the Recession Forever Changed Large Law Firms? Fields, Jobs, Employers May 2011 Economics Department Senior Survey 34.6% had found jobs by late April or early May, up from 21.6% in 2010 and down from 43% in 2007, prior to the recession. Only 54% indicated they were still looking for work, with the remainder planning on graduate school, or other activities. Average reported starting salaries of $52,506 were up from $46,307 in 2010 but still below the $54,083 reported in 2007 Students with jobs reported finding them through one of the following: CareerKnight 38%, Previous Summer Job Or Internship 21%, Friends And Family 16%, Other Online Source 8%, Career Fair 5%, Students found jobs with more than 80 companies and organizations (up from 30 reported last year) including: Barclays Capital (6 students), BMW (2), Bank of New York Mellon (2), CNA (2), Ernst and Young (2), Kohls (2), Rutgers (4), as well as Merrill Lynch (3), Analysis Group, Blackrock, Brown Brothers Harriman, Burger King, Citigroup, Department of Banking and Insurance, Ernst and Young, Federal reserve Bank of NY, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, JP Morgan Chase, Nomura, Northwestern Mutual, PWC, Goldman Sachs, and more. Students found jobs as financial analysts (14%), in accounting (10%), computer (5%), consulting (8%), management (5%), financial advisor (7%), investment banking (6%), sales (9%), insurance (7%) and others. Job Titles (student provided) ranged from Account Executive to Valuation analyst and included: Actuarial Assistant, Analyst.Assistant Store Manager, Associate Manager of I.T, Assurance Staff, Benefits Operations Administrator, Business Advisor Program, Business Analyst, Catalogue Intern, Chief Financial Officer, Claims Analyst, Contract Analyst, Data Analyst, Equity Research Associate,...
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advising 3- Careers and Jobs - Advising 3 Careers/Jobs...

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