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InfantChild Fact Ques. 2011

InfantChild Fact Ques. 2011 - Fact questions for Research...

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Fact questions for Research Articles: Readings Week 1/31 DeCasper & Spence (1986) 1. True or False: Human newborns prefer their father’s voice over other male voices. 2. True or False: The target story was more identifiable to infants because they had heard it before during the later second trimester and maternal speech attains audible in utero levels during this time. Hingson et al. (1982) 1. List 3 results of maternal alcohol consumption on the infant. 2. What 3 factors are important in predicting infant size at delivery? Field et al. (1986) 1. How do tactile and kinesthetic stimulation contribute to the developing infant? 2. What are the effects of inadequate tactile stimulation? Readings Week 2/7 Hill et al. (2003) 1. What is BMI? 2. What are some of the reasons for BMI increases over the last 10-20 years? Dewey et al. (2001) 1. List 3 advantages of EBF mothers and infants versus SF mothers/infants. 2. Who were the subjects in this study? Wakschlag et al. (2002) 1. Is there a gender difference (male vs female infants) when it comes to maternal smoking? If so, what? If not, why? 2. What is the major limitation of the existing studies on maternal smoking and prenatal development? Readings Week 2/21 Rovee & Rovee (1969) 1. How was conjugate reinforcement studied? 2. What difference do you see between the baseline, conjugate reinforcement, and extinction results?
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