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Spring2012 Recommendations

Spring2012 Recommendations - Spring 2012 ECONOMICS COURSE...

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Spring 2012 ECONOMICS COURSE SUGGESTIONS 10/10 Sheflin GENERAL SUGGESTIONS Choose courses based on instructors first. You may wish to give preference to Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors. Having the same instructor for more than one course can result in more powerful letters of recommendation when needed, and maybe a friend for life Take intermediate micro (320) and Econometrics (322) right after Intro and Statistics. o Intermediate Micro and Econometrics must be taken as soon as possible as they are prerequisites for all but the courses which have no prerequisites. Micro requires Calc I o Intermediate Macro (321) is an additional prerequisite for some of our electives. If possible, sign up for one more course than you want to give you the flexibility of dropping the course you like least with no penalty (i.e. 6 rather than 5 courses) If a course is closed that you really wish to take based on the instructor, you may wish to attend while repeatedly trying the webreg system right until the last minute.
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