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Mitchell Levin September 4 th , 2008 Wild Chicago Journal Entry #3 There were many features about Chicago that were influenced by the natural environment. The main reason why Chicago exists today is by location. Building a city near a great body of water is always the smart thing to do. There were no major trading posts in the Midwest until Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable created the first major trading post on the banks of the Chicago River. This trading post was very popular because it linked the eastern coast with the Mississippi river. Traders were able to come to Du Sable’s trading post from the eastern coast while some traders were able to come up the Mississippi River and through the Chicago River to get to Du Sable’s trading post. From then on, more and more people moved to Chicago to trade. The glaciers that previously occupied Chicago smoothed out the land. With flat land, houses and buildings were easily built. The modifications of Chicago came from mostly one man and his plans. His name was Daniel
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