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Mitchell Levin September 3, 2008 Wild Chicago Journal Entry #2 My impressions of everything I saw during the kayak trip amazed me. I grew up about twenty miles north of Chicago so I’ve been to downtown a lot. I usually go to Chicago with my friends and I never really noticed the buildings in great detail. I knew where they were, but never really studied them. While kayaking, I really got to see the buildings literally from the ground up. Each building had its own unique design which was impressive and a lot of them were beautiful. I didn’t realize how different the way of live is in Chicago. While I was paddling, I saw people in their million dollar condos on the left of the river. Next to some of the bridges on the right side of the river, there were
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Unformatted text preview: homeless people living. The river is only about 250 feet wide, but the lifestyle of these people differ greatly. The culture of downtown Chicago can be separated into two divisions. One of the divisions would be the locals. These people are easily spotted with their business suits and their rush. The other division would be tourists. These people are mostly with their families and stop to look at buildings. If I was the first person to discover this area, I would report back that mostly the wealthier families would be able to live here. The building sizes and the location of the area are the main reasons why prices are so expensive. Usually, wealthy people live on the waterfront....
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