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Civic values are very important to be an American. Civic values like courage, especially. Being courageous is key to American citizenship. Examples of courage can be seen in the Founding documents. They are fully of courage. The Founders were also very courageous. In my life there are also many ways I can be courageous. George Washington is an example of courage. Americans have many civic values in common. George Washington was courageous in everything he did. The Founding documents are also full of courage. Washington is a true example of what it means to be an American. He is the Father of Our Country. He knew how important civic values were to the future of America, and like me, he thought having courage was the most important one. His example is why courage is so important for American citizenship. Washing could never have earned this title if he hadn’t had courage. He was an incredible example of
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Unformatted text preview: courage for everyone he knew. He inspired others to be courageous. And the Founding Documents too. They really help me understand why courage is the most important civic value Americans share. It’s really had to choose just one Founding document, but the Bills of Rights really makes you think about what courage means. Not only that, but other document’s and civic values as well. I need to have courage in my daily life from day to day. If I don’t then I won’t share in this important civic value that unites us as Americans. Having courage is the most important thinkg I can do for myself and my community and most of all, my country. The great thing about being an American is that every day life gives you so many chances to be courageous. I need to take advantage of every chance I get to potray courage and being an American. Courage: the world says it all....
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