isp #2 - Mitchell Levin September 17th 2008 Wild Chicago...

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Mitchell Levin September 17 th . 2008 Wild Chicago Survival 1. We, as humans, are prepared for survival before being put into a surviving situations. The human body stores excess fat to be used in a surviving situation. If there isn’t any food, the body will use the extra fat and burn it for food and energy. The body will know when it is in a surviving mode by slowing down the metabolism. This would store more energy if surviving will take a long period of time. Also, the other two factors are being knowledgeable and human character. Knowing what plants are edible is key to surviving without food. If the person has a strong will to live would survive better then a person who is about to give up. Three reasons that people live in urban environments are less prepared for emergencies are heed emergency warnings, awareness of hazards, and dealing with stress, self-reliance. People relying too much on government help like the police or the fire department. Relying on others for your own survival is why people living in urban environments will have trouble. Awareness of hazards is also an issue for people who live in the urban environment. People who think a shelter or a building is a good place to hide during a hurricane or tornado can actually be a hazard. Knowing where to hide or which building is safe is critical for surviving. Dealing with stress is a
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isp #2 - Mitchell Levin September 17th 2008 Wild Chicago...

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