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Mitchell Levin Professor Rozzell WRD 103 September 14 th , 2008 Response Paper “The Other Side of E-Mail”, written by Robert Kuttner, is a story about how e-mail has pros and cons. This story goes in-depth mostly on the negatives of e-mail. “ ‘r u online’: The Evolving Lexicon of Wired Teens”, written by Kris Axtman, is a story about how teens use text messaging and Instant Messaging as their method of commuting with each other. This article talks about the positives and negatives about texting and instant messaging. I agree with Kris Axtman, author of “ “r u online’”, with all the negatives about Instant Messaging and texting. Teenagers’ grammar skills are declining because of new abbreviated words and sentences they use while texting or Instant Messaging. Another effect of texting or Instant Messaging is shorter attention spans. Teenagers are multitasking a lot more and this causes
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Unformatted text preview: them to have a shorter attention span. Obviously, there are positives about texting and Instant Messaging, but the negatives outweigh the positives. I have to agree that texting and instant messaging are not good for teenagers. The most important thing that I learned after reading this is how developed the new online language is. I’m used to typing all the abbreviations when I text or instant message people, but I did not realize how bad my grammar was. During my long break from school (summer vacation), I practically lived on texting or Instant Messaging people. My grammar became really bad over the summer. Writing this paper was difficult because I had a hard time putting words together. This reminds me that after texting and Instant Messaging, it gets difficult for me to write sentences that are grammatically correct....
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