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Mitchell Levin May 21 st , 2008 English 8-9A Question #4 There were many different objects throughout the book that affected the characters. The biggest object that is important in the novel are the Boston Red Sox. The entire town of Kingdom County loved the Boston Red Sox. You can walk anywhere in the town and hear the Boston Red Sox’s game on the radio. “Ethan Allen could walk completely around the town and never be out of earshot of the Red Sox game on somebody’s radio” (Mosher 3). The people of Kingdom County are die-hard Red Sox fans. There is a smaller replica of Fenway Park on top of the baseball bat mill. “On top of that old baseball bat factory, was
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Unformatted text preview: the small version of Fenway Park with a working scoreboard. The people of the Kingdom County would look at that scoreboard for up-to-date score of the Red Sox game” (Mosher 34). E.A. always said that he would play ball for the Boston Red Sox one day. “It’s not an if sir, it’s a when” (Mosher 143). E.A. would always tell everyone in town that he would eventually play for the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox influenced E.A. to work very hard everyday. This...
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