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teddy williams part 1

teddy williams part 1 - was Stand.” “ Stan?”...

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Mitchell Levin May 21 st , 2008 English 8-9A Nelson Question #1 The final scene of the story is when Ethan Allen (E.A.) talks to the statue of the Colonel after he wins the World Series for the Boston Red Sox. He thanks the Colonel for making one of his wishes to come true. The wish that E.A. wished for to bring somebody to teach him about baseball. E.A. thanked the statue for bringing his father “Teddy” to teach him baseball, but the Colonel told E.A. that he brought Stan to teach him to throw a curveball. Teddy came on his own to be with his son. “ “I’m the one who ought to thank you,” E.A. said. “For you sending me Teddy.” “Whoa,” the Colonel said. “I never sent you Teddy.” “Of course you did,” E.A said. “You said you’d send me a fella. To teach me baseball.” “And so I did,” the Colonel said. “ But it wasn’t Teddy. Good Jehovah, boy. Is it what you’ve been thinking all these years? I never said a word to Teddy. The fella I sent
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Unformatted text preview: was Stand.” “ Stan ?” “Stan,” the Colonel said. “Teddy came on his own, son. Because he was your pa” (Mosher 275). E.A realized after this conversation with the Colonel that Teddy came on his own will and not of the work the Colonel. Teddy wanted to be with his son and E.A realized it now. This resolves E.A.’s internal conflict because E.A. assumed that Teddy came by to teach E.A. baseball because he wished for somebody to teach him. He realized that only after he won the World Series that Teddy came to be with E.A. because E.A. is his son. Teddy also taught E.A. how to fight a bully. “Don’t wind up. Use all short punches. That’s it. Two left jabs to the schnoz, step, one right to the breadbasket, one more to the jaw. He’s done” (Mosher 94). E.A. was able to deal with two bullies three years older then him at the same time. After hearing about his dad coming on his own, E.A knew that Teddy loved him....
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teddy williams part 1 - was Stand.” “ Stan?”...

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