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Mitchell Levin The Last Seduction Act 1: Bridget takes all of Clay’s money and runs away because Clay slapped her in the face. She goes to Beston and starts a new life with a new name. She meets a new guy named Mike and they have sex all the time. Act 2: Clay is able to track down Bridget using a private detective, but she kills by driving into an electrical pole. Clay is trying everything to catch Bridget. Mike tells Bridget is unique ability to figure out if husbands cheat on their wives by looking at their credit reports. Bridget makes a fake plan about killing cheating husbands for their life insurance. Act 3: Bridget goes to visit Mike’s ex-wife and tells Mike that if he wants to love her, he must go kill a cheating husband. He finally agrees and goes through with the plan. The target turns out to be Clay, Bridget’s husband. They double cross her, but Bridget kills Clay anyways. Bridget induces Mike to rape her by telling him that his ex-wife is a transgender. While Mike is raping
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