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The Searchers - Mitchell Levin

The Searchers - Mitchell Levin - Mitchell Levin The...

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Mitchell Levin The Searchers Act 1: Ethan returns home from the end of the Civil War. Someone stole Jorgensen’s cattle. While Ethan is helping the Rangers find who stole the cattle, Indians kill Ethan’s family and take his niece with them. Act 2: Ethan and Marty set on a search to find the Indians and take back Debbie. They face dangers along the way like 3 men who tried to kill Ethan for his money. They search for years including traveling through Colorado. They finally get big help while they were searching in New Mexico, from a Mexican trader. The Mexican trader leads them to the Indian tribe. Act 3: Ethan and Marty find out that Debbie is still alive and is married to Scar. They try to take her away, but she doesn’t want to leave. There is a confrontation between them and the Indians. Ethan and Marty are able to escape. They go back to Jorgensen’s farm and find out that Marty’s love interest was about to marry the postal worker. They fight outside, while neither of them gets married. Ethan asks for the Texas Rangers for help and they decide to help. They organized
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