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Journal Entry 2 - It was annoying getting them these sheets...

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Journal Entry 2 Saturday, October 13 th and Saturday, October 20 th 10:00 A .M. – 1:00 P.M. These next two weeks, I’ve been doing the same things I did with the kids the last two weeks . I tied belts, held kick pads, and taught curriculum. The difference these two weeks was that I interacted with the parents more . After each class, I would go out into the hallway and talk to some of the kids’ parents . We would talk about things what their child can improve on, if their child did well in class or even about some sports with other parents . I enjoyed talking and interacting with the parents except one thing. We have curriculum sheets for each belt level so it would be easier for the parents to help the kids at home . We give them away for free and there aren’t any problems, but I got annoyed when for the last 2-3 classes, the same parents would ask for a curriculum sheet
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Unformatted text preview: . It was annoying getting them these sheets . That was the only thing I didn’t like about interacting with parents . In general, these kids come to the taekwondo park district to learn taekwondo . I always overhear parents talking to each other about their kid’s schedules . These kids would have piano lessons, soccer practice, and taekwondo practice on the same day . I connect this with Activity and Work because it’s a U .S. value. According to our textbook, Americans expect people to work hard and to be busy doing some activity even when not at work . Children’s work is going to school and these kids are always busy going to all these different lessons and practices . These kids don’t get any free-time for themselves....
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