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Journal Entry 4 - sweat a lot The kids lined up and the...

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Journal Entry 4 Saturday, November 10 th – Saturday November 17 th 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. There two weeks were probably my favorite two weeks out of the service project. These two weeks, the kids were sparring. Sparring is my favorite thing about taekwondo because I am the best at it. I love teaching kids sparring, so I was ready to teach sparring to them. I had to put on chest guards on the kids. I needed to tie each one of them. This part wasn’t difficult, so I didn’t mind it all. Once they all had their chest guards on, I got to pick two of them so they would spar against each other. I had to be the referee and I had to protect them from running into other kids sparring. I got really got into it and I felt as if it wasn’t work at all. These kids had a blast kicking and punching each other. Once the class was almost done, I had to take the chest guards off of the kids, which was bad at all, except they were really sweaty. That was the only gross thing about sparring, that you
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Unformatted text preview: sweat a lot. The kids lined up and the instructor and I reminded them that December 1 st was the testing date. The parents were supposed to pick up the testing paperwork from the instructor. Some parents went to the manager of the actual taekwondo school and asked for the paperwork. I was inside the office talking with the manager, and she said that they have to talk to the instructor for the paperwork. I knew that the actual taekwondo school paperwork and the park district paper work are the same. I asked the manager why she didn’t give it to the parents. The manager told me that park district kids pay less than the actual taekwondo students and the park district kids expect to get the same treatment as the actual taekwondo students. I realized that the manager was discriminating against the park district students because they paid less than the actual taekwondo students....
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