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dc - chapter 5 multiple choice

dc - chapter 5 multiple choice - 1 Most of the early"100...

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1. Most of the early "100 percent talkies" were visually __________. Your Answer: metaphoric Correct Answer: dull Eisenstein’s metaphoric cutting, with its leaps in time and space, wouldn’t make much sense if realistic sound had to be provided with each image. 2. Most of the talented directors of the early sound era favored __________ sound. Your Answer: non-synchronous French director René Clair, for example, believed that sound should be used selectively, not indiscriminately and that sound can be edited the same way images can. 3. The increased __________ brought on by sound inevitably forced acting styles to become more natural. Your Answer: stylization Correct Answer: realism Silent film acting was stylized and visually heightened to compensate for the lack of sound. 4. Coming from the world of radio, __________ was an important innovator in the field of sound and perfected the technique of sound montage in which the dialogue of one character overlaps with that of another, or several others.
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