BIG Journal - GIS"All in one Journal site day's...

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GIS “All in one Journal”- site day’s 10/25-11/16 – 1/10LFCC IT, Mentor: Richie Crim For the last several weeks of site I have only focused on the designing of my website for the touch screen kiosk I hope to put in the front office. I have been working with Richie a lot on the details about the kiosk itself. The first step of my project was to talk to Mr. Nelson. I met with him and discussed several details of the project and the precautions and stipulations of the kiosk and project. We decided that the kiosk was a go as long as it was funded by grants or other funds; there weren’t enough school funds to be able to cover the kiosk, which is a little under $5,000. Mr. Nelson suggested that we allow the kiosk to be for student use first, because he felt students would benefit more from the kiosk itself. The next thing we discussed is the location of where the kiosk will be placed. We both had the same idea of putting the kiosk in the commons area near the bank and warrior trading post. This way the kiosk can be monitored during all lunch periods and there is normally a teacher on duty during the other periods throughout the day. We also talked about putting it under the watch of a surveillance camera to ensure maximum protection. After my talk with Mr. Nelson I headed back to site for the next 2 weeks and got working on the website for the kiosk. The first step in designing the website was to see what the audience of the site would most like to see. So I typed up a survey and handed it out to several students. Touch Screen Kiosk Survey
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BIG Journal - GIS"All in one Journal site day's...

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