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Hunter Barbour, GIS Journal Day 1, 9/9/11 Today I started my first day on site, and what a day it was. I had high hopes for the day and waited in anticipation all day. However, I did not expect to have as much fun as I did. When I arrived Richie started out by showing me around LFFC. We visited computer labs, offices, the main center of their operations, etc. In just the simple tour I learned so much. In one of the rooms the have what he called the “war of the worlds cam”, due to how it looks. But the camera is used for video calls from other offices, but the cool feature is you can click on other cams to view them. Richie clicked on one in Texas and we could view what that cam was seeing, just the campus though. Another cool feature of the door was not necessarily computer stuff, but technology related. It was the system they use for presentations and shows. The whole system (lights, camer- as, music, anything else) is hooked up to a wireless tablet. You can change the views of the cameras, levels of lighting, pretty much anything you can think of. The rest of the tour was just as cool. After the door, we were already past 2:30, we took a look at his iMac and two screen display, it was impressive. He also gave me some tips on things I can do to or for my mac to make it more efficient. Before we left we talked about the tasks we would be doing next on site day. He plans to have me set up a computer lab with LAN lines and install the printer to them all as well. I’m really looking forward to my next site day. Day 2 9/13/11: Today was my second day of site and I couldn’t wait to get back to LFCC and work some more. When I got here we started out talking about how Richie wants to map out the wireless networks through out LFCC’s campus. We are going to use a device from
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Hunter Barbour, GIS Journal Day 1, 9/9/11 Fluke Networks called the AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester. The tester is a handheld device that allows you to rapidly perform a wireless discovery to fully assess your current wireless security settings and network availability. It allowed us to see wireless network utilization
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Journal1-5 - Hunter Barbour GIS Journal Day 1 Today I...

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