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Week 2-Assignment 2- Collaborating with Google Docs Document

Week 2-Assignment 2- Collaborating with Google Docs...

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Collaborating with Google Docs Document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rbPsjEPp6ueSy9G__T2hH4RAjSvnbAAGXDGPV qFr1QE/edit Aside from allowing others to view your documents, how can you use a Google Docs Document collaboratively with others? I use Google Docs everyday on a professional level as well as an academic level. Professionally my clients and co-workers use this site to collaborate on spreadsheets as well as documents. Professionally I truly believe this type of system allowed our business to grow and for our clients to be happier since they are viewing up to date, live
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Unformatted text preview: information at their own leisure and not having to worry about if the version they have is the most current document. It spares tons of headaches. As for academically I have been using Google Docs to store my work so that I can have it to access at any given time. I leave me with the freedom to work on projects, papers and assignments whenever I have free time, typically on the train when I am traveling back and forth from work....
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