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Unformatted text preview: utology, a contradiction, or neither. (a) (p q) (p q) (c) p (p q) (b) p q p q (d) (p q) p q Logic Puzzles 1. The island of Knights and Knaves has only two kinds of inhabitants: Knights (who always tell the truth) and Knaves (who always lie). After being shipwrecked on the island, you decide to try to figure out who the Knights are so that you can ask them for help getting home. For each of the following groups you encounter, determine who the Knights and Knaves are: (a) Alice says "Bob and I are both Knights," and Bob says "Alice is a Knave" (b) Charlie says "I am a Knight or Dan is a Knave," Dan says "Charlie is a Knight and Edith is a Knave," Edith says "Dan and I are not the same" (c) Frank says "If you asked, George would tell you he's a Knave" then George says "No I wouldn't!" 2. While walking through the woods on the Island of Knights and Knaves you come to a fork in the trail. One path leads to a deep dark pit of doom and the other leads to a boat that can take you home. There are no signs indica...
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