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Jordan Kovalsky S4 Assignment 1. Business Ideas a. Daily Hassles i. Some form of jewelry you can wear that vibrates when your phone rings ii. A bike lock that requires no bike rack- like a moped lock almost iii. Online math lab that allows you to enter a question and get instant help when GUTs is closed iv. A phone application that allows you to navigate your phone from a computer if you have lost it (even if it is on silent) b. Broad social trends i. A non-profit organization that focuses on getting the necessary grants and resources for big industries to become more environmentally friendly ii. With any business idea you are simply taking something that a current business has to do and offering that same service as a convenience 1. Planning company retreats 2. Building business centers 3. Being the mediator for an upcoming apartment complex and a shopping center right next to it to focus on the
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Unformatted text preview: population and what would be most profitable for that area 4. Apartment/home preparation for sale 5. Take pictures for a house being sold 2. I would say that I am most comfortable with the language of visual understanding. For me I need to see things or try them before I can truly understand them. I think this may be because I expect things to me realistic vs. just an idea in my head or someone elses and seeing it on paper makes it easier for me to believe it. However, this doesnt necessarily have to be an image. I cant draw for my life so when I need to visually represent something it may be in the form of an outline, but that outline will walk you through every detail of the idea or vision in order to make it visually understandable and believable, but most importantly, attainable....
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