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Jordan Kovalsky S5 1. Non-Profit Venture Possibilities a. An organization that raises the funds and helps develop the technology to make current industries more environmentally friendly b. A nightly dinner sponsored by one of the fraternities of sororities (maybe a round robin) for the homeless people on State Street. Have a monthly calendar so they know where to go to eat every night. c. Have someone collect left over food, fruit, and baked goods after the Madison Market for the homeless people on State Street. d. An organization that schedules philanthropy and community service days for local schools, camps, and businesses that make it easy and convenient (maybe even find funds for transportation) for big groups to do
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Unformatted text preview: community service. 2. How could you develop facility with more of the thinking tools Adams describes? What could you do specifically in your daily life to enhance your ability to generate creative ideas or actions? a. Adam’s recommends that you not limit yourself. One needs to stop thinking about their mere idea they started with; it is rare that this idea even becomes their final product. They must go beyond that, let one thing lead to another and see where it takes them. Similarly we must do the same thing with our ideas in order to expand them and lead to better and more thought out ideas....
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