5- Blue's Video and Improv

5- Blue's Video and Improv - into one big one. 3.Where are...

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Jordan Kovalsky S6 1.Where does the underlying order or focus of the blues improvisation come from?  The underlying focus is that you can play any combination of notes. When you hear it it  may not sound good at first, but once you get a feel for the right combination it will start  to flow. Likewise with any idea for an invention one must consider all possible  alternatives, combinations, compliments, etc. In doing this on can create something new  and unique that “flows” well. 2.When the two classical musicians engaged in improvisation, how do they  ‘coordinate’ the creation of the new piece, given that they don’t have an advance  plan for what they will do?  They each have their notes grouped in to typical “blue’s combinations.” By putting these  combinations together they are able to create their final product of a bunch of small ideas 
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Unformatted text preview: into one big one. 3.Where are you more comfortable improvising in your own life, and where less so? When it comes to solving a problem I am perfectly capable to solving a problem, however, I am definitely the type of person that prefers to come prepared. You can look at my calendar 3 months in advanced and see that I already know I am going to dinner with my friend that lives just around the block. Planning provides an added comfort for me so I am confident that I know what I will be doing for an extended period of time. However, when problems arise I have no problem improvising, in fact I tend to enjoy it. I love a challenge and one arises I always make it somewhat of a personal competition to solve the problem....
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